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Termite Tent Fumigation

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Standard Tent Fumigation

Tent fumigation services can be quite expensive, and end up costing you thousands in landscaping damage if you are not careful! Did you know that termites are the leading cause of property damage expenses worldwide?- Even more than fires and natural disasters!

If you don’t – best believe that shady termite control companies do, and they will use this to their advantage over property owners when giving them a price quote.

The tent fumigation specialist at Kendrick Pest Control & Management – are one of the few companies that don’t look to take advantage of our customers by over charging them in desperate situations. We prefer to provide the best helpful solutions to your current problems, at the most affordable prices in town.

tape & seal fumigation

Tape & Seal Fumigation

Contact us for your free inspection to see if your property qualifies for our “Tape & Seal Fumigation” , and learn just how to save yourself some major cash on landscape and roofing damage!

Look at the pictures to see the difference between a “standard tent fumigation” and a “tape & seal fumigation” process.

Our tent fumigation system starts out with a Free diagnosis of your property, to see just the type of treatment you require – because no two properties are the same, so prices do vary.

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Your standard tent fumigation process usually consists of covering your house with a tent or tarp, and then flooding the house with a sulfuryl fluoride gas that penetrates the wood killing off termites. The most commonly used gas is Vikane – which is both odorless, tasteless, and won’t cause any harm to your family or pets when you move back home.

tent fumigation servicesThis approach to termite control is aimed at treating large infestations of dry wood termites, that eat away at your property causing major damage and expensive repair bills.

If done properly, tent fumigation is a great approach to effectively alleviating termites from inside of your property’s structure. That’s why it’s vital that you consult with a certified pest control company with tent fumigation being one of their specialties, because tenting your home could end up costing you thousands of dollars in landscape damage by an inexperienced tent fumigation company.

At Kendrick Pest Control & Management we take pride in our tent fumigation services, because this is one of our specialties in pest control. We give thorough property examinations, and only charge you for the tent fumigation services needed at that present time for your property – Nothing More, Nothing Less!

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